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They are influenced by the Republic of Ireland culture and the UK Culture.
So long the Irish eat only potatoes. Later came the disease of potatoes and half the population died. So in Ireland there is not typical foods. Most people only eat the famous "fast food", But the cookery of the country Is divided in two categories: traditional, with simple plates and modern plates, served in restaurants.

Colcannon, “the typical plate”

Irish Stew

Music and dance
The country is known for be a dynamic society contemporarym.  They love the tradition.  Has its proper cultere. Principal Instruments:  drum of Lambeg, violin and flute. All of the musics follow the traditional dances “Highland Dancing”, “Scottish Country Dancing” and “Ulster-Scots Square and Country Dancing”.
If you want tradition in a bigger scale, you need to go to the small village called Rostrevor for watch the Fiddler's Green Folk Festival, that receives the biggest parties of the country with music, dance and histories or theaters.

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