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The variety of the Northern Ireland with  blue mountains, forest parksand,  a beautiful coastline, is valued by the varied cultural heritage of the country.
Belfast, the capital, has a intense cultural life with its theaters, rooms of concerts and many restaurants and pubs. Londoderry is known as “maiden city” and its history is in Tower Museum. After walking for the walls of Derry, the best place to relax is one of a lot pubs, to listen the traditional Irish music
Tourist Points

- Albert Clock (in Belfast):

- Scottish Provident (in Belfast) with Victorian architecture:

- Big Wheel (in Belfast):

- Silent Valley Reservoir (in Belfast):

- Lanyon Building (in Belfast):

- Castelo Dunluce:

- Hillsborough castle and gardens:

- Mussenden temple:

Belfast is famous for the use of bicycles and “happy hour” is the principal program in the capital. Is an alive and musical city.


Irish’s pubs are synonymous of hospitality. They are known around the world for the beers and fun.
- Bittles Bar: Small bar but with one of the Best reputations;
- The Morning Star Pub: Excellent food!
- Mc Hugh’s Bar: Was contructed in 1710 and 1720, is the oldest building in the city of Bealfast. Is open every day and is a perfect place for drink and know people.


- Gaeltacht quarter: Center of arts, dance, bookstores, theater and music.
 - Bairro Queens: dynamic. Is the Center of Belfast Festival. Is where the Botanical Garden was located, glass architecture. 

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