domingo, 21 de agosto de 2011


The island of Ireland was dominated by England, the use of English in the country is for this reason. In 1800, by a decree of the king of England, Ireland began to belong to the UK, beginning the struggle for independence. But at the beginning of century XX the conflicts between Ireland and England had more impact with the creation of the Sinn Fein, representative political party of the Irish separatism and the Irish Republican Army that organized the fight against the British domain. Conflicts the UK forced the UK to made a search in the Ireland about the independence. In 1921 was sign a treated for the independence of provinces of the south. After years of fight, the two sides of the conflict had a negotiation, and in 1999 signed a peace accord.  Northern Ireland still connected with UK but not all of the population are happy with this situation, so that population believe that new conflicts will be resurge .

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